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Data Systems

Advanced Technology for the Benefit of our Customers

Scope keeps abreast of changing technologies, adopting new tools whenever this benefits our operations and customers. Today, advanced technologies and data systems have an important role in supporting the speed, flexibility and quality of service that have earned Scope a leading reputation.

Scope has implemented a sophisticated and secure architecture and backbone that support Scope’s data systems, which in turn enable us to identify items in stock, prepare an order and ship it faster than our competitors.

The SAP system controls and integrates all of Scope’s activities. The company has implemented the SAP system in all aspects of management including: an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, finance, inventory management, delivery, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), quality control, and more. This powers mission-critical business solutions that drive productivity, as well as enables Scope to build customized solutions to drive and build on its unique advantages and differentiation.

Scope continually invests in its internal SAP integrated back office systems as well as in its external systems and website.